In Apoca[hot]lips, Paula Houseman’s second book, Ruth’s relationship with her ‘cousin’ Ralph is tenuous. She seems to be paralysed by baggage, unable to take the final plunge towards happiness.

Ralph has become consumed by the search for his birth mother, and focuses on building a relationship that threatens to torpedo the one he has with the woman he loves.

Meanwhile, Ruth has to contend with her suffocating mother, a loathsome neighbour, and various other repugnant characters who are seemingly drawn into her life just to torment her. Is God taking the piss?
As Ruth becomes distracted by other pivotal events in the family, she and Ralph struggle to reconcile the changes in each of their lives. Can they find their way back to each other?

Paula’s intelligent, unique writing style and hilarious wit make this an absolute pleasure to read. Touching and thoughtfully written, you will cry – although I guarantee most of those tears will be from hilarity than heartbreak. If you enjoyed Odyssey in a Teacup, you will love Apoca[hot]lips!

—Sally Asnicar