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Odyssey in a Teacup – Ruth Roth Series Book 1

#1 Amazon Best Seller.
Readers’ Favorite Award winner.


Ruth Roth Series Book 1

#1 Amazon Best Seller. Readers’ Favorite Award winner.


Ruth Roth can’t help it. Only five years old, and she’s already sporting an up-yours attitude to a ‘yes, sir’ baby boomer society choking on moral purity.

Growing up in an era of lookin’-good families, well-behaved, bobby-socked children, and little girls being groomed to be subordinate to men, Ruth stands out like dog’s balls.

Education and discipline fail to make a dent. Neither is a match for the driving force in Ruth’s psyche—the ancient goddess of obscenity! So, Ruth’s life plays out like a Greek tragicomedy.

Too much dark energy can eclipse even the feistiest, though. And Ruth’s harpylike mother is relentless, haranguing her 24/7: at home, in her nightmares, in her head and through her own eyes in the form of a bitchy mirror.

When years of earbashing wear Ruth down, the wild child in her goes underground.

But you simply cannot subdue an immortal. The dirty goddess invades Ruth’s thoughts and leads her to idiotic encounters. And Ruth’s lapse into a vanilla existence is also an issue for her lifelong friends—genteel Vette with the ‘big caboose’; ballsy Maxi with the big mouth; and Ralph, Ruth’s hot-looking, obsessive-compulsive cousin and bestie, who needs to do everything twice. Twice.

With their encouragement and a good homoeopathic dose of ancient mythology, Ruth embarks on an odyssey, retrieving her spirit from the sludgy shame and irrational fears choking it. It sets her on an unexpected trajectory, one she couldn’t have foreseen …

Ruth has survived minor skirmishes. She’s fought battles royal. She’s come back from the war. But she is confronted with her biggest challenge ever when one of her friends sends her spiralling into hell, and she faces an apocalypse.

Can she survive it knowing that the decision she must make could launch the mother of all wars in her world?

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