Cupid F*cks Up – Ruth Roth Series Book 2

#1 Amazon Best Seller.


Ruth Roth Series Book 2

(formally Apoca[hot]lips)

Ruth Roth is a straight shooter. Pity Cupid?s not.

Smart-mouth Ruth is an inspirational humour columnist for a popular women?s magazine. Recently divorced, she has found the love of her life. Without any help, mind you, from the little fat love god. Ruth has decided she herself is her one and only.

And she?s in a comfy place.?Why wouldn?t she be? No need to yell,??Put the bloody toilet seat down!??No need to hear, ?Pull my finger?. No need to hoover toe-nail clippings off the carpet.

But then a silver-tongued Prince Charming fronts up in his shiny Merc and tickles her discarded, little-girl fantasies. He tells her their love is written in the stars.

It must be a misprint!

A romance with this particular PC is not so PC. Still ?

Ruth?s life plays out more like ancient myth than fairytale. And what hot-blooded woman can resist forbidden fruit?

There’s a problem, though. Ruth does not have a hot-blooded mum. Ruth has a pain-in-the-arse mum whose squawking disapproval cranks the taboo up a notch. All the more reason for Ruth to take up with the stud!

But it means taking on the harpy. And as tensions mount, Ruth?s man can?t protect her from the voices in her head. It looks like he can?t muzzle his own either. When an earth-shattering revelation causes?him?to give her grief, it makes her feel like she?s dating her mother.

Taking the advice she doles out to her readers is not so easy, and Ruth wonders if this love can survive. Or if it’s even worth the trouble.


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