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Odyssey in a Teacup

September 7th, 2015

Ruth Roth Series Book 1 #1 Amazon Best Seller. Readers’ Favorite Award winner.   Ruth Roth can’t help it. Only five years old, and she’s already sporting an up-yours attitude to a ‘yes, sir’ baby boomer society choking on moral purity. Growing up in an era of lookin’-good families, well-behaved, bobby-socked children, and little girls… See More

Cupid F*cks Up

July 29th, 2018

Ruth Roth Series Book 2 (formally Apoca[hot]lips) Ruth Roth is a straight shooter. Cupid? Not so much. Smart-mouth Ruth is an inspirational humour columnist for a popular women’s magazine. Recently divorced from Mr Ticks-all-the-right-boxes, she’s found the love of her life. Ruth has decided she herself is her one and only. And she’s in a… See More

My Troyboy is a Twat

July 30th, 2018

Love, romance, marriage, and a dark little secret. Shh … Small things let loose can grow out of hand. Ruth Roth’s new husband can’t keep it in. If only he had all those years ago, things might be different now. His big mouth sends every family member into hell. Except for Ruth’s late mother. She blows in… See More