Why Obscenity Is Good for Your Health

July 20th, 2016

Truth or Dare? Dare. I dare say we all crave obscenity. Ooh … I sense prudes mounting their high horses, shouting a spotless synonym for ‘bullshit!’. But that would indicate that they?ve opened up this post, which could indicate that they were unable to resist sneaking a peek at something that might be grubby. Why?… See More

Why a Square Peg in a Round Hole Is the Ideal Fit

June 7th, 2016

Here?s to the Crazy Ones! It was a small poster that came in the mail almost twenty years ago. Apple sent it to me because I was a true-blue Mac user. ?Here?s to the Crazy Ones,? it said. Woo-hoo! I felt buoyed, not because I liked being considered crazy?the poster wasn?t personal, although, it was… See More

How I Deal with the Inner Critic

April 8th, 2016

SHUUUT UUUUUUUP! Does that work for you? Mostly, it does nothing for me. Zip. Nada. Bupkis. The inner critic won?t listen. All writers have to contend with one, but writers don?t have the monopoly. This bitchy, nit-picking predator of the psyche doesn?t pick and choose. It assails everyone. I couldn?t silence mine?and I was loath… See More

Sleeping with the Enemy? (Why It?s Worth It.)

February 22nd, 2016

Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? I?m sleeping with the enemy. And there?s more than one. Oh, I don?t know them in the biblical sense, and I haven?t seen them, as such. Then who are they? My personal demons, that?s who. Yes. I am in bed with my demons. United We Stand, Divided We Fall?… See More