Hello …

And a warm welcome to my (sort-of) fantasy world!

I’m Paula Houseman and words have always been my favourite playthings. For a humour writer, that’s just how it should be!

As a published author of earthy chick lit and romantic comedy, I get to bend, twist, stretch, and juice up universal experiences to shape reality the way I want it, even if it is only in books. But at the same time, I can make it more real so that you, the reader, feel part of the sisterhood. Or brotherhood (realness has nothing to do with gender).

Through my books, I also want to help you escape into life and love’s comic relief. And who doesn’t need to sometimes?

My style is a tad Monty Pythonesque because I adore satire. It helps defuse all those gaffes and thoughts we’re not too proud of.

My hope is that my books—chick lit and romantic comedy—will lighten your inner world, and better our outer one.